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StatusPraesens. - Exhibitions, seminars on obstetrics, gynecology and mammalogy
Media-bureau “StatusPraesens” is a creative company of new generation which has been opened and is developing for the benefit of obstetrics-gynecology society! Our work is to provide the interest to the professional medical information. For doctors-gynecologists — the most up-to-date knowledge, the most modern professional content packed into exhibition and scientific events, magazines and books! For the exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers — attention and allegiance of the target audience!

Herald of Russian Association of obstetricians-gynecologists, magazine
Scientific-practical magazine Herald of Russian Association of obstetricians-gynecologists. At this webpage is available full text version for years 1998 and 1999.

Medison - ultrasound scanners, magazine SonoAce-International for ultrasonographers Catalogue of ultrasound scanners, sensors and additional medical equipment. Atlas of ultrasound images. Magazine SonoAce-International is the archive of articles for ultrasonographers from1996, free subscription for printed edition.

www.medlit.biz — Medical literature.

evbmed.fbm.msu.ru — Server of Moscow center of evidence based medicine and pharmacotherapy.

www.medlinks.ru — Universal multi-field medical server which includes medical library, abstracts archive, daily news of medicine, medical bulletin board, discussion club, medical chat, medical subject directories, medical banner exchange network MBE (MedLink Banner Exchange), medical webpages rating - Med Top 50 and much more.

www.xray.nm.ru — Large medical encyclopedia. Is meant for a wide range of users, students of medical universities and doctors. Contains the description of causes, symptoms, methods of treatment and prevention of more than 1000 diseases. Detailed description of all human organs. Content, properties, action and recommendations for use of about 2000 medicinal preparations.

www.webmed.irkutsk.ru — Webpage “WEB-Meditsina” is a catalogue of professional medical resources which includes the links to the most competent subject webpages, magazines, societies, and also useful documents and programs. The webpage is meant for doctors, students, employees of medical universities and scientific organizations.


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