Magazine “Protection of maternity and childhood”

Magazine “Protection of maternity and childhood” is meant for the professional development of doctors-practitioners, for the familiarization of doctors with the results of modern scientific research, development of scientifically based management decisions by the managers in the sphere of health care.

Subscription index (Republic of Belarus):

  • Individual subscription: 00130
  • Departmental subscription: 001302

The magazine is included into the list of editions the publications in which are recommended by Higher Attestation Committee of the Republic of Belarus during the preparation for the presentation for the receiving of degrees of Candidate and Doctors of Medical Sciences.

The articles presented to the editorial staff for publishing in the magazine are selected according to the criteria of novelty, relevance, scientific-practical value. The content of the articles should correspond to the aims and goals of the magazine. All articles are reviewed. The authors of the articles carry responsibility for the accuracy of the data published in the article. Editors have the right to abridge and edit the articles.

Requirements for the execution of the materials for authors of articles

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1(3) 2002   1(13) 2009
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