Disposable obstetrical pessary

Are used in obstetrical practice for the prophylaxis of preterm delivery in case of isthmic-cervical insufficiency (ICI). The pessary is a device from plastic in form of trapezium with smoothed corners. The form of pessary provides the effective reduction of pressure on cervix uteri. The choice of the pessary size is carried out individually depending on the anatomic features of a woman.



  • High effectiveness regardless of the pregnancy term.
  • Safety.
  • The use of pessary allows to avoid the traumatic surgical correction of ICI.


Prophylaxis of preterm delivery.

Sterilization – by radiation.

Pessaries are manufactured in three sizes.

Disposable obstetrical pessary type 1  
Disposable obstetrical pessary type 2  
Disposable obstetrical pessary type 3