История Симурга


 • 1991

– the enterprise started manufacturing of intrauterine contraceptive “Yunona Bio-T” and disposable obstetrical pessary in Vitebsk;

 • 1997 – contraceptive “Yunona Bio-T” is the most popular intrauterine contraceptive in the CIS;
 • 1998 – was launched industrial manufacture of 6 new models of intrauterine contraceptives;
 •  2000 – further development of export direction, opening of representative offices in Russia;
 • 2001 – cytobrushes “Yunona” were launched into manufacture;
 • 2003 – the beginning of manufacture of a wide range of single-use instruments;
 • 2003 – entering the markets of the Ukraine and Central Asian countries;
 • 2009 – was launched industrial manufacture of 2 new models of intrauterine contraceptives and sets of laminaria sticks “Yunona”;
 • 2010 – was launched industrial manufacture of 4 models of aspiration probes “Yunona” and 6 types of gynecological instruments.


In the CIS countries every fifth woman of a child-bearing age prefers intrauterine contraceptive device ( (IUD)).